Join The Community!

Having a study group or learning community can help you progress in your learning goals in two ways. First, by giving you a sense of accountability that ensures you keep making progress. Second, by creating a sense of belonging (in a shared journey toward certifications) that can lead to new insights and friendships.

I’m exploring GitHub Discussion Forums to support community interactions around this project. Want to join the conversations? Please do start by introducing yourself and share your learning objectives.

About Discussions

Discussions are a recent feature on GitHub that I just started to explore. New discussions are created with a specific category in mind. Here are the current categories in this forum:

  • AZ-900: Azure Fundamentals - post resources, learnings or questions about any modules or posts related to the AZ-900 certification track.
  • Ideas & Requests - post suggestions for improving the guide (or site/forum), and requests for sketchnotes of specific modules or units (with a relevant resource link).
  • Show & Tell - share resources or projects you’ve created, to support your learning goals. This could include your own sketchnotes!
  • Q&A - The default Q&A section for anything not related to AZ-900.
  • General - the default category for any other discussion

Most categories are open-ended, allowing free-flowing conversation on those topics.

However, the Ideas and Q&A categories fall into a special question/answer class, where members post a request to get responses and the community can also vote up the best response. Keep this in mind and check for existing questions or requests to vote on, instead of submitting a duplicate.

Code Of Conduct

What unites us all is a shared desire to learn and grow our skills in this ecosystem. We are all living through interesting and challenging times, so let’s be good community citizens. Here are three behaviors that can help you get the best from this forum:

  • Be inclusive | This is a judgement-free zone. There is no room for bias, harassment or disrespect in our communities. Everyone belongs, and is welcome. We all have something to learn.
  • Be fearless | Failure means progress. If you have questions or comments, share them and ask for help. You’ll be surprised at how many others will likely share your issue, and may even have solutions.
  • Be kind | We all walked different paths to get here, and have different stories to tell. Be empathetic and don’t make assumptions. Help where you can, and pay it forward.