Let's Learn Together!

Yes, it’s 2021. We’re already a month into the New Year! And if you are like me and many others, you’ve probably made a resolution to learn something new, or skill up on something you already have experience with.

A Visual Guide To Azure

A Visual Guide To Azure

My 2021 resolution:

Learn all things Azure by completing all Fundamentals learning paths and validating my knowledge with relevant certfications! Specifically, these three – in this order.

  • AZ-900 | Azure Fundamentals - for core cloud computing concepts
  • DP-900 | Azure Data Fundamentals - for relational and non-relational data workloads
  • AI-900 | Azure AI Fundamentals - for machine learning and AI workloads

Why do this?

Thanks to increased remote work opportunities, there’s never been a better time to skill up. Gain:

  • Knowledge | Cloud computing skills are in high demand. Knowing terminology and ecosystem helps!
  • Experience | Learn paths have Azure sandbox environments. Getting hands-on experience helps!
  • Certification | Validate your knowledge with exams. Getting a professional credential helps!

What is Visual Azure?

Think of it as a visual study guide, where I capture sketchnotes on things I learn, which can then help me review materials (and recall them more easily) when it’s time for exam prep. And, hopefully share this with community as a study resource for their own learning journeys. Learn more about the project here.

It basically comes down to three things I want to do, to support my learning goals:

  • Visual Study Notes | Create sketchnotes mapping to required skills - support exam prep.
  • Regular Study Habits | Share sketchnote & learnings in daily posts - stay accountable.
  • Community Discussion Forums| Create and participate in open discussions - share learning.

Anything involving self-study requires good habits to stay focused and motivated. Habit trackers that create “streaks” from an activity are known to be effective (because we don’t want to break a streak).

So a motivation for me is to use this blog to stay accountable by learning, sketching and sharing something every day. Not everything will be perfect, and I may do more on some days than others - but the goal is to keep shipping and come back to clean up later.

A Visual Guide to AZ-900 Learning Paths and Modules

A Visual Guide to AZ-900 Learning Paths and Modules

Want to Join Me?

Consider doing something similar to keep yourself accountable to your learning goals. Why not join me? Here are three things you can do to commit to a 2021 From-Learning-to-Certification goal!

Sharing your progress (and celebrating wins big and small) helps! Feel free to start a Discussion, or share your own posts (sketchnotes or articles) on social media - and tag me (@nitya) or use #VisualAzure. I’d love to follow your learning journeys and amplify your insights!

Happy Trails!