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The website will broadly explore visual storytelling as a tool for increasing awareness and action around sustainability practices and sustainable software engineering (greentech) in our communities and workplaces.

Visual Storytelling refers to the use of visual elements (fonts, graphics, composition, color) to create content (sketchnotes, visual metaphors, characters) that help make a complex message easier to understand, retain, and recall. This can include:

  1. Visual Guides | sketchnotes that provide “big picture” overviews of content.
  2. Visual Glossary | visual puzzles that explain terms or concepts in fun ways.
  3. Visual Prompts | content challenges to promote self-learning & sharing.


The #VisualGreenTech Challenge was launched in April 2021 as a precursor to the #EarthDay celebrations on Apr 22. The objective was to increase user awareness and action around sustainability practices in home, work, and community environments. And the approach involved sharing one prompt a day (for 24 days) encouraging readers to explore a specific resource, and share their learnings with a visual.

Grid showing the 24 prompts share for the #VisualGreenTech challenge

Each prompt led the user to a specific resource for self-exploration - including:

Hello Earth!

The challenge was created as a collaboration between the Green Advocacy team and members of the HelloWorld teams, leading up to a special #EarthDay themed show on April 22, 2021. The VisualGreenTech challenge was launched April 1 during #ABSee, a segment that explores tech with a visual storytelling focus, and features interactive visual puzzles.

Watch the #ABSee segments of Hello World all through April for shout-outs to the challenge, with a special #EarthDay episode featuring community created submissions.

Apr 1, 2021 | Apr 8, 2021 | Apr 15, 2021 | Apr 22, 2021 | Apr 29, 2021

VisualGreenTech launch slide on HelloWorld Live

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